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My Cars
Because cars in general are hobbies of mine, I constantly buy, fix, and sell mine, often using this site to advertise. I also advertise others' cars on my site for free. See the information on the Contact page, if you're interested. I currently have a 1994 Dodge convertible, with leather seats, automatic transmission, 5-disc CD player, single air bag, and power locks and steering. The convertible has 80,000 miles. I'll be selling this one soon. Check my What's New page for updates on it. I also recently acquired a 1998 Nissan Maxima SE with 33,000 miles. This car doesn't quite possess the luxurious interior of the convertible; it has regular fabric seats, AM/FM radio and cassette player, duel airbags, cruise control, and no sun roof. Blue book on this car is around 15,000, but I'm selling it for 14,500. If interested, see my Contact page.

Keeping Your Car Cool
Did you know that in 95 degree heat, the air in your car reaches approximately 146 degrees and the steering wheel can reach 158 degrees? So what can you do about it? First, you can tint your car windows. Clear glass magnifies the sun and intensifies the heat. If that's too expensive, buy manual sunshades. They come in cheap cardboard or reflective material. You can also buy shades for the back side windows where your kids are. To avoid hot steering wheels, put a towel over the wheel to absorb sun while your car sits.

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